Why MoneyShower?

Money Shower, It is a product of ITU Arı Teknokent and Boğaziçi University BÜDOTEK Technopark. Developed with expert microbiologists

Money Shower

Money Shower technology cleans banknotes with a contactless and instant disinfection system that can be integrated into the ATM.

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Money Shower, It is a non-contact, electronic and portable disinfectant that provides disinfection up to 99.99% within milliseconds by producing a patented Light technology that is strengthened thousands of times more than traditional Ultraviolet Light technology.

Instructions for Use

- Please read the instructions for use before using.
- Keep out of the reach of children.
- It should be handled carefully, avoiding direct contact with eyes and skin.
- The product is child safe.
- The product contains FDA approved Ultraviolet C type light technology.
- It provides non-contact and instant disinfection within seconds with its reinforced Ultraviolet Light technology.
- Ultraviolet ray technology is a non-radioactive technology.
- Objects that the beam comes into contact with do not become radioactive.
- The electronic disinfection technology included in the product does not leave any residue, unlike chemical disinfectants. It provides the opportunity to clean without using chemical disinfectants.
- The product is completely safe to use in disinfection of inanimate surfaces.


2 Years Unconditional Warranty.

Patented Technology

99.99% Surface cleaning technology.



There are billions of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites consisting of thousands of varieties in every part of life. Some of them are beneficial to human health, some are harmless and some are harmful microorganisms. Harmful microorganisms are called pathogens and they cause various diseases when taken into the body in a certain amount. While even 1 of some pathogens cause very serious symptoms, the pathogenic dose of some of them can reach thousands.

Items that are commonly used by societies such as undercooked foods, foods prepared without complying with hygiene rules, paper money, toilet, door handles, public transportation vehicles, dinnerware in restaurants are known as environments where these pathogenic pathogenic microorganisms are frequently encountered. When the said foods are taken into the body, when the said items are touched, harmful effects for human health are observed. For this reason, it is necessary to cook and preserve the foods well in accordance with the hygiene rules, especially the surfaces that are common by people and where the rate of contact is high, should be disinfected.

Various methods have been used to destroy pathogens on surfaces from past to present. The most preferred of these are chemical disinfectants and Ultraviolet Light technology. Most of chemical disinfectants leave chemical waste and show toxic effects for human health in long-term exposure. Ultraviolet Light technology is preferred because it does not leave chemical waste, is affordable, not radioactive, is FDA approved and provides 4 logarithmic reductions (99.99%) in long-term applications. Ultraviolet Light has been used for disinfection for many years in the disinfection of food, water, space foods and food and drinking water are made safe in consumable quality. Although conventional light technology has many advantages, its effective disinfection time is at least 1 hour.

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